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Our summer camp takes place in the most prestigious university or high school campus in the host city

Camp Site

北京语言大学 Beijing Language & Culture University (BLCU)

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) is the only one of its kind in China with its main task set at teaching the Chinese language and culture to foreign students. BLCU has carried on for more than 40 years its consistent aim of popularizing Chinese language and promoting Chinese culture.

Early in the 1950s when the undertaking of teaching Chinese as a foreign language (TCFL) was still at the initial stage, the first generation of BLCU teachers had taken an active part in the pioneering work.

Generations of faculties have been working hard and thus have turned BLCU into an international center for teaching Chinese as a foreign language and a training base for personnel engaged in or concerned with foreign affairs.

Since 1990s, the education scope of BLCU has been enlarged, covering a wide range of fields including literature, economics, law, education, history and engineering. Currently the University comprises of 11 Schools, and 6 Research Institutes, including the Center for Studies of Chinese as Second Language, Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Center, the Language Research Institute...

BLCU distinguishes itself by its unique cultural atmosphere of diversity, which attracts a large number of students from both home and abroad. Nowadays, more than 9,000 international students from over 110 countries and over 8,000 Chinese students study at the University each year.