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Sino Language (SLG) is established by American and Chinese professionals in 2003 to promote cultural and educational exchange for young people between China and the rest of the world.

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云南师范大学 Yunnan Normal University (YNNU)

Yunnan Normal University is one of the 10 key universities in China in support of Chinese language teaching for neighboring countries; one of the 4 bases in China in training of Chinese language teachers for Southeast Asian countries; one of the first 16 Chinese universities in undertaking of overseas Confucius Institute; and one of the Chinese universities responsible for training overseas Chinese language teaching volunteers.

Formerly the "Teachers' College" of the famous Southwest Associated University that was jointly founded by Peking, Tsinghua and Nankai Universities that moved to Kunming during World War II, Yunnan Normal University is a key comprehensive university of Yunnan province. It is located in Kunming, known as Spring City for its year round spring weather and blossoming flowers.

After the war, the three universities returned to their original campuses in northern China but left the Teachers' College in Kunming. After more than 40 years of academic excellence, it assumed its present name, Yunnan Normal University, in April 1984.

The Institute of Chinese and International Studies (ICIS) of YNNU is responsible for the recruiting, teaching, management and service for the university's international students. ICIS has a first-class team, including 30 faculty members, 10 staff members, and 60 part-time teachers.

Kunming is an ideal place for study, living and tourism due to its mild climate, beautiful scenery and convenient transportation facilities. Kunming City is surrounded on three sides by mountains and borders on the Dianchi Lake in the south. At an elevation of 1,891m above the sea level and with an annual average temperature of 14.5C and a yearly average rainfall of 1,035 mm, Kunming has long been known as Spring City.