Sino Language

US Camp

Explore America, gain first hand experience

US Camp

Event Management Summer Program in the US

  • Participate in the professional development training program for event management students offered by San Diego State Universitey (Certificate #1)
  • Visit Stanford/UCLA/Pepperdine University. Understand American campus culture and life, listen to the elite enterpreneurs leader lecture series.
  • Visit the world's leading companies, high-tech innovative companies such as Google.
  • Improve English, enhance independent thinking and problem-solving skills, lay a foundation for future career development and US studies.
  • Participate in international volunteer activities and obtain a certificate (Certificate #2)
  • Visit the sunny California beach and stunning sights

Training & Practice Program in the US

  • Learn North American teaching methodology and hand-on skills
  • Observe American Chinese classroom, practice teaching effectively and systematically
  • Obtain teaching practice certificate
  • Understand Chinese teaching model in the United States and university campus life
  • communication competence, lay the foundation for teaching Chinese in the United States