Sino Language

Cyber Learning

Learning From a Native Speaker,
Without Leaving Home

Cyber Learning Overview

Language learning is fun and effective when you practice with native speakers. Join our active community and practice speaking with native Chinese language buddies today! The best way to learn a foreign language may be to surround yourself with native speakers. But if you can't manage a trip abroad to China, the Internet and a broadband computer connection may do the job, too, bringing native speakers within electronic reach for practice.

Live teaching, real learning, at the click of a button

Private Lesson

Private Lessons are designed to fit the needs and goals of each individual student. They are more suitable for students who wish to focus only on a specific aspect of the Chinese language, such as speaking or writing. Private lessons starting times, schedules and study durations are completely flexible. Students can study Regular Chinese Lessons, Teens Chinese Lessons, Kids Chinese Lessons, Business Chinese, or a variety of other topics of Chinese language course. Please contact our staff for specific request outside of generally available more

Small Group

Small Group Sessions (typically 2-5 students) provide an interactive and engaging learning environment. Each student benefits from individualized attention from the instructor as well as group participation and peer competition. Small Group Lessons are available to students at all levels from beginner to advanced. This program is designed to provide students with the necessary Chinese skills to succeed in any Chinese language environment. read more


If you are taking Chinese lessons at school, but don't have many chances to practice your language skills, or you want a Chinese tutor to help you review school lessons or assist you with homework, this tutorial service is just right for more